There are many different ways of congratulating your graduate, whether they just finished high school or college, they deserve the recognition, and one of the best ways to celebrate is with your Outdoor Kitchens OKC.
With outdoor Kitchens OKC, you can invite all of your family and friends and fellow graduates over for a great meal while mingling outside and talking about your plans for the future. House parties are becoming more popular than ever, and the thing that makes them even better is having an outdoor living space where you can entertain your guests.

The more you include in your space, the more time people can spend outside, and the longer they will stay and celebrate. An outdoor kitchens OKC is key to your backyard package because it allows you a place to cook for your guests without having to go inside and leave the party. With the advances in outdoor kitchens OKC, there is no limit to what you put include in them, and you do not have to have millions of dollars to be able to have a nice outdoor kitchens OKC. There are budget-friendly options out there, and available at any and all price ranges.

In addition to your outdoor kitchens OKC, there are other important pieces of the puzzle to consider including to make everyone happy and more comfortable. If you are going to be outside cooking and your family and friends are going to be eating, you will want a shady spot for them to hang out and stay cool. A pergola or a pavilion will do the trick. Privacy walls attached to your pergola or pavilion will give you a lot of additional benefits. Privacy walls are great for blocking the wind and keeping bugs away. Plus, you get the privacy so you can relax and feel like you are indoors while enjoying the outdoors. If you live somewhere that gets cool in the evenings, an outdoor fireplace is great because they are decorative and can be the focal point of your back patio as well as functional. They are a great heat source. They also have a hearth that adds extra seating if you have a lot of people over that your normal outdoor patio furniture cannot handle.

If you want to make the party extra special for your graduate, you can hang a cedar TV enclosure in your outdoor living space and mount a television inside, and then you can create a slide show of photos that can play and rotate in the background throughout the party for everyone to watch. These are great paired with some music. This is a great form of entertainment for your guests.

If you have a swimming pool, you can make the party a pool party and guests will have the option of letting guests bring a swimsuit and swim. You cook in your kitchen while everyone is swimming because swimming always makes people hungry.
A semicircle bench is a great way to decorate your patio and add some permanent seating if you plan to entertain friends and family throughout the year. These are even better when they are built around a fire pit. PMH Perfect My Home can design, build, and install all of these projects and more. They have been in business for over fifteen years and they have become the highest-rated and most reviewed outdoor living space company in the state of Oklahoma and they are in the process of expanding to Texas where their reputation has preceded them and they are quickly becoming one of the highest-rated and most reviewed companies in that state that offer top tier Outdoor Kitchens OKC.

There is a long list of things that set PMH Perfect My Home apart from their competitors, and one of those is that they give free estimates for every project, no matter how big or small. PMH Perfect My Home also has a professional three-dimensional designer that works in-house and creates daytime and nighttime images of what your desired project will look like after it has been installed in your backyard and you will have the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments to your project before the building and installation phases begin. This is done after PMH Perfect My Home’s information technology director has flown a drone over your home and has taken photographs of your home so that the designer can replicate that into digital images so that the backyard package items can be placed in the right spots.

Every project that PMH Perfect My Home creates is customer from start to finish so every project is unique. PMH has an eighteen thousand square foot indoor-outdoor showroom that is made up of examples of every single project that they can create for you in your backyard. You can stop by any time of the day or night seven days a week and explore the items and see what they would look like with the actual stain colors on them, which give you a better idea of what they will look like instead of relying on what swatches look like. PMH Perfect My Home also has a sister company that is a retail barbecue and outdoor living space supplier where you can buy pergola supplies and grills and outdoor kitchen appliances and smokers, among other things. Patio Galaxy shares a showroom with PMH Perfect My Home so it is truly a one-stop-shop. We look forward to working with you on your next project.