The first time I photographed an Outdoor rated TV enclosure was the first time I photographed a finished project. It was the perfect project for my very first assignment because these customers had almost one of everything included in their package!

Besides the fact that the custom outdoor living space that we designed, built and installed in their backyard extended from a beautiful home in a very nice neighborhood that overlooked a lake—I believe the name of the housing addition had the word “Lake” in it, if I remember correctly—the project itself was absolutely spectacular!

I stepped out onto an expanded patio that was made up of our decorative, concrete pavers. The patio was covered by both a pavilion and a pergola. The pavilion had a retractable screen that was fully retracted when I arrived, but the customer kindly offered to lower and raise it for the photos. It was the first time I had seen this type of screen, and it reminded me of a movie screen that they could use to watch their favorite movies while sitting in a lawn chair with their family, or even while laying on a blanket spread out over their gorgeous lawn that backed up to the lake that I mentioned earlier. This family lived in one of the homes that had “lakefront property” and it was amazing!

I later learned everything there is to know about the screens. They are used for multiple things—none of which are to watch movies! They provide shade during the mornings, afternoons, and evenings when the sun is coming up, and when it is going down. It can provide privacy if you do not want your neighbors watching you while you are relaxing in your pajamas while drinking your morning coffee. They are also known to keep certain bugs away. The screen is just that, a screen, it is not an enclosure—just a wall, so obviously bugs can still get around the sides, but it will block a good amount. Providing shade is the main reason why people purchase screens for their pavilions. The shade can keep you cool so that the sun is not beating down on you, and it can also provide enough darkness so that you can watch your television that is inside your Outdoor rated TV enclosure without having too much sun or glare on the screen.

Speaking of an Outdoor rated TV enclosure. That was the focal point of the patio. It was mounted on the brick and rock combination outdoor fireplace that we built and installed in their outdoor living space. Another fantastic part of the project. Situated underneath the pavilion and surrounded by colorful outdoor furniture, it is the first thing you notice when you walk out of their backdoor and onto the patio. I took photographs of the Outdoor rated TV enclosure while the doors, made with a tongue and groove method to keep moisture out, were both opened and closed to show future customers exactly what the Outdoor rated TV enclosure is made for.

This outdoor living space was built for a family of four. A couple and their two teenaged sons. The wife/mother was the only person home when I stopped by to take the finished project photos and she was so nice to visit with. She talked about how much she and her family love their outdoor living space, and how often they use it, both independently, and as a family, It was a little overcast that day, so I did not have to worry about harsh sunlight on any portion of the pergola or the pavilion when shooting the exterior, or any light coming through that might obstruct the view or the details of the interior which included the decorative stamped concrete, the outdoor fireplace, and the Outdoor rated TV enclosure.

After I finished taking all the finished project photos, I asked her if she would do a thirty-second video review. She happily agreed, and I let her review the questions for a few minutes before I started so that she could think about and prepare her answers. She gave a great review, while sitting on the furniture outside in her outdoor living space, underneath her pavilion, next to her outdoor fireplace.
In the background was the stunning lake!

As I was leaving, I complimented her on her beautiful home. She mentioned that she and her family had just moved back from Colorado. I asked her what part of Colorado she was from, and she said Ft. Collins. I told her that my dad lives in Longmont, Colorado, not too far from Ft. Collins, and that I love to go to that city when I am visiting my dad. It is a fun and exciting college town with great places to eat and a lot of fun, local shops. Their downtown area is known for massive grand pianos that are painted in bright colors and designs and are available for people to stop and play as they walk by. She mentioned that her husband worked in Longmont and commuted from Ft. Collins every day. I told her where my dad worked, and she said that their best friend worked there. It is such a small world.

A few months later, she sent me an email of her and her husband watching a football game on the television in their outdoor living space. She also sent it to the owner of the company, and he asked me to post it on social media. There was a lot of reaction and great feedback from the post.
It is always great to see our customers enjoying their outdoor living spaces.

This first project that I photographed turned out to be one of the best and most memorable. A combination of the fact that it was my first experience photographing an outdoor living space, the kindness of the customer, and the incredible pavilion, pergola, decorative stamped concrete, outdoor fireplace, and cedar TV enclosure.