There are several things you can do with a television besides the obvious, which is watching television shows, movies, or playing video games, or listening to music. Creating and playing a slideshow is a great way to utilize your television during a special event. Many events and occasions are moving outside, so you will want to make sure that your television is protected from dirt and moisture by mounting it inside an Outdoor TV Cabinet.

There are many different occasions that might call for you to want to create a slideshow to play on your television that is mounted inside your Outdoor TV Cabinet Graduation. If you have a son or a daughter that is graduating from either high school or college, and you decide to host a party in honor of their achievement, your backyard is the perfect place to do that! Graduation typically takes place during the month of May, which is the perfect time to be outside enjoying your outdoor living space, and sharing that space with your family and friends as they congratulate the graduate and hear about their plans for the future. A great source of entertainment would be to have a slideshow of photos playing in the background on the television inside your Outdoor TV cabinet that family and friends can stop and watch as they have time between visiting and mingling and eating and drinking and enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

In the case of a high school graduate, since this is a milestone event that celebrates a big achievement that they have worked towards since they were five years old, it would be nice to find photos of them participating in school events that span grade school, middle school, and high school. Photo of them with their schoolmates as well as field trips are great ideas. School plays and musical performances. There are so many ideas. You can even incorporate their annual school photos that were taken by the professional photographers.

If you are celebrating a college graduate, then you should have plenty of photos from their four-plus years including spring break trips, internships, dorm room photos, even photos of the school they attended. Just find a slideshow program that you can use, or enlist the help of a friend, and play it on the television inside your outdoor TV cabinet.

Memorial services or funeral receptions are other occasions when you will want to prepare a slideshow for guests to watch on the television inside your outdoor TV cabinet. If you have your loved one cremated and decide to have a small gathering of family members to your home, they can mingle inside and outside the house and watch a slideshow of photos of the deceased that range from birth to their last photo.
The same could hold true if the person is honored in their casket at the funeral home and then taken by limo to the cemetery for a graveside service, some people hold a reception in their home afterward so that they will have time to visit with the guests who came to honor their loved one.

Wedding related events are another time when it is great to have a slideshow on hand to play on your television in your outdoor living space that is mounted inside your outdoor TV cabinet. There are a lot of opportunities before, during, and after the actual wedding when photos of the couple together during their courtship are necessary to showcase to family and friends.

The engagement party is a great one! Photos of the couple on dates, during the holidays, vacationing together, special events, and of course, the actual engagement photos! Bridal showers are a fun time to show photos of the bride from when she was a little girl up until she got engaged. The rehearsal dinner is a great time to showcase photos of the couple together, and the wedding reception is a prime time to have slide shows going. A lot of receptions are now being held outside in people’s backyards because outdoor living spaces are becoming so popular.

After the honeymoon, when the couple has gotten settled into their new home, they might choose to invite a few close family members and friends over to show them a slideshow of photos from their honeymoon. Since most weddings take place in the spring or summer, it is a great time to have people over to spend time in your outdoor living space.

Birthday parties are great for showing slideshows of the birthday boy or girl. Depending on what age they are turning, if it is a big milestone birthday, it might be photos of them since they were a baby if it is just an average age, photos from that previous year since their last birthday would be appropriate.

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