Baseball, often referred to as MLB, which stands for Major League Baseball, is the oldest professional major sports league in America. There are thirty teams that play in the Major League. Fifteen play with the Major League, and fifteen with the American League.
The best way to watch this popular sport is in person in the field, but if you can’t do that the next best place to watch it is at home in your outdoor living space in your backyard on your television that is mounted inside your outdoor TV cabinet.

Patio Galaxy is in Oklahoma, and that is where all the outdoor TV cabinet is made. They are locally made and handcrafted in a shop where each one is custom made. Once they are finished, they will stain it the color that you choose. There are several different colors to choose from or it can be ordered and purchased unstained.

If you want to see an outdoor TV cabinet in person, Patio Galaxy has a showroom with several on display in different stain colors. Both are mounted onto an outdoor fireplace which is the most common place to put them, but they can hang anywhere, such as a privacy wall or even the brick wall on the back of your house.

The outdoor TV cabinet that Patio Galaxy custom builds is made from one hundred percent western red cedar and is water-resistant by using the tongue and groove method and bi-folding doors. The outdoor TV cabinet holds up to a seventy-five-inch television.
If you choose to do so, you can add a swivel mount bracket to the back of the inside of your outdoor TV cabinet so that you can move your television around, and you can see it from different directions.

There is room at the bottom to hide and hold your television’s remote controls, cable boxes, soundbars, and anything else you may want to store inside to keep clean, dry, and dust-free while you are outside. Most people choose to root for baseball teams that originate from their own hometown, although they may just be fans of the players, or the team as a whole because of their winning streak.

Baseball teams play in the following states: New York—the New York Yankees, California—the Los Angeles Dodgers, Massachusetts—the Boston Red Sox, New York—the New York Mets, Illinois—the Chicago Cubs, Georgia—the Atlanta Braves, Missouri—the St. Louis Cardinals, Canada—the Toronto Blue Jays, Texas—the Houston Astros, Pennsylvania—the Philadelphia Phillies, California—the San Francisco Giants, California—the Los Angeles Angels, Illinois—the Chicago White Sox, Michigan—the Detroit Tigers, Ohio—the Cincinnati Reds, Ohio—the Cleveland Indians, Minneapolis—the Minnesota Twins, Texas—the Texas Rangers, Wisconsin—the Milwaukee Brewers, Washington—the Washington Nationals, Maryland—the Baltimore Orioles, Pennsylvania—the Pittsburgh Pirates, Washington—the Seattle Mariners, California, the San Diego Padres, California—the Oakland Athletics, Kansas—the Kansas City Royals, Arizona—the Arizona Diamondbacks, Florida—the Miami Marlins, Colorado—the Colorado Rockies, Florida—the Tampa Bay Rays.

If you have an outdoor kitchen, built by Patio Galaxy’s sister company, construction company, PMH Perfect My Home, you can make food to eat while you are watching the game. Today’s incredible advances in outdoor kitchens are made to hold kitchen appliances purchased from Patio Galaxy—with a discount—and are made to be able to cook virtually anything that you can cook inside. If you have a warming drawer to keep food warm, it can pull double duty and hold your pool towels. That way, if you have kids who are swimming while you are watching the game, they can dry off with a warm, dry towel.

Another project that PMH Perfect My Home custom designs, builds and installs in homes across the state of Oklahoma and in parts of Texas, is outdoor fireplaces. These are great to have during baseball season, especially in the fall, during the world series, because your cedar television enclosure can be mounted to the top while you cook hot dogs and roast marshmallows in the fire, and it will keep you warm in the evening while you are spending time outside.

These are great additions to your outdoor living space as they transition well into the fall when you start watching football games outside and hosting watch parties.
PMH Perfect My Home and Patio Galaxy have been around for over fifteen years providing people with their dream spaces in their own backyards. They are the highest-rated and most reviewed outdoor living space company in Oklahoma.
Call them today to schedule your free in-home estimate where a seasoned salesman will come and listen to your ideas and plans and offer suggestions if needed.

You can also visit their showrooms, which are combined both inside and outside and span a spacious eighteen thousand square feet of space.
There are endless things that you can do to transform your backyard, and a television enclosure is only the start of what more is to come from a pergola to a pavilion to outdoor kitchens and fireplace to a simple fire pit or privacy wall. PMH Perfect My Home and Patio Galaxy welcome you into their store and their office and their showroom Monday-Saturday to speak with a specialist who can walk you through the process of starting your project and get you on your way to your staycation destination!