Wishing your small, existing patio was a little larger (or a lot!)? At PMHOKC, we can affordably solve all your small patio issues by expertly extending the cement pad to increase the size. Whether you want to create a beautiful outdoor living space on your newly Patio Expansion , or just enjoy the extra walking space—the sky (or the ground) is the limit! 

When increasing the size of a small patio, you can choose to stick with the existing design, or you can create a custom patio that fits your specific style or necessary needs. Simple and straight, or creative and curved, the options for your newly expanded patio are endless, and completely up to you! A big time (and money) saver, is to leave the existing cement patio slab in place. At PMHOKC, we can match any existing patio so that it blends seamlessly with the new expansion. Of course, ripping out and removing the existing patio is always an option. There is no reason why you can’t just start from scratch with a brand-new patio! Once the patio has been expanded, it can be stained or painted in a variety of different colors, and can be created from a variety of materials, like pavers and flagstone Patio Expansion.

Once your previously small patio has been expanded, you will have lots and lots of options for what to do with all of the extra space! Outdoor living spaces are becoming more and more popular every day, and at PMHOKC, we can create a custom outdoor living space during the new construction phase of a home build, immediately after the home is completed, or a year or two down the road—once you’ve gotten settled, and know exactly what you want the best Patio Expansion.

Concrete patios are the most economical, and it helps to keep your home clean by eliminating the dirt and grass from entering your home. Our stamped concrete comes in multiple patterns and colors, and we also have our standard concrete, that can be stained with top Patio Expansion.

For your newly expanded patio space, one option is to simply place some outdoor furniture on it. You can take it a step further and add a fire pit in the center of the furniture to add some ambiance to your new outdoor living space. If you really want to go the extra mile, why not add a full fireplace! Custom built from brick or stone, and painted in your choice of color, not only will it feel like your patio space has been extended, but you’ve literally just added another room onto your house! We are confident that once you’ve gotten spoiled with your new outdoor living space, you’ll even want to add a television! We can custom build a waterproof cabinet to keep your television protected from the elements. They even hold soundbars and cable boxes. They come in three different styles and can be color coordinated in your choice of eight different stains: a light brown called Cedar Tone, a reddish brown called Redwood, a dark, brown called Oxford Brown, a rich black, simply called Black, an extra dark brown, called Dark Oak, and very light brownish grey, called Grey, and a basic, but modern bright white, called White, as well as White Wash. We can even go as far as building an entire outdoor kitchen with a grill, which we offer in a variety of brands, a refrigerator, and countertops. Patio makeovers generally begin with a patio extension. Extending a patio gives you a chance to really maximize your outdoor space, with plenty of options of what to do with that expanded space to make it more functional and useful. A larger patio gives you the flexibility to create your dream outdoor living space. 

Another wise option—especially if you are only wanting to expand your patio to give yourself more overall usable space, is to cover your patio with a pergola or a pavilion. Besides the aesthetics, pergolas and Patio Expansion.

and pavilions create shade and provide protection from the elements so that you can enjoy your newly expanded patio more often and for longer periods of time. At PMHOKC we can custom design and build a pergola or a pavilion. Like the television cabinets that we custom build, pergolas and pavilions can be stained in a variety of colors to coordinate and match the rest of your outdoor living space project. We offer a full three-year warranty on all of our pergolas and pavilions. We even offer polycarbonate roofing for our pergolas in both a shaded and clear options. These are unnoticeable, so they look like a pergola, with the protection of a roof; and they have a ten-year warranty on hail. The arched corbels on our pavilions give our product a signature look! Patio expansions, whether decked out or left alone, are perfect for individuals who enjoy the outdoors, families who need extra space for their kids, and those who love to entertain! 

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to expand your patio—whether it’s for more space, or for an outdoor living space, patio is labor extensive, calling on professionals to help make it a quality reality, is your best bet. PMHOKC is your go-to company for designing a custom patio expansion.