PMH Perfect My Home is the highest-rated and most reviewed outdoor living company in the state of Oklahoma. They have been in business for over fifteen years and they have expanded their services from their headquarters in Bethany, the Oklahoma City metro area, to Tulsa, where they got their start installing Pergola Tulsa. In addition to Pergola Tulsa, they also design, build, and install cedar pavilions, which serve a similar purpose as a Pergola Tulsa, but has a different look to it. PMH Perfect My Home also specializes in building outdoor fireplaces, which look amazing underneath a Pergola Tulsa and makes it so that it can be used no matter what the weather. The Pergola Tulsa will keep you clean and dry from any rain or snow or sleet or hair or falling leaves may be coming down overhead.

Outdoor kitchens almost always need a pergola Tulsa covering them so that they will stay looking nice and working well for many years. Outdoor kitchens, as well as the kitchen appliances that go into them, are made to withstand the weather but adding a patio covering always helps.
PMH Perfect My Home recently started installing swimming pools as well, and what started out as picket pools, or liner pools, has expanded to include gunite pools as well.

Retaining walls are usually installed as well, depending on the property, but are useful to keep dirt from rolling off into the pool.
Fire pits are a popular addition to backyards and something that PMH Perfect My Home designs a lot of. They can be made from brick, rock, or brick with a rock top or rock with a brick top. They can even be painted to match your outdoor living space. Semicircle benches are often built and installed next to firepits to add permanent seating next to the fire source so that family and friends can sit around there and stay warm and visit and eat and drink and cook over the open flame.

Composite decks are a specialty of PMH Perfect My Home. They become the go-to type of deck for people to have in their backyards.
Concrete expansions as well as new pours provide a foundation for any of the above, or may just provide people with extra space, but PMH Perfect My Home can make them from pavers, flagstones, or decorative stained concrete. But one of the most beautiful and functional things that you can add to your pergola is a privacy wall, or privacy walls.

Once you have selected the type of pergola you want PMH Perfect My Home to design, build and install in your backyard’s outdoor living space, and those options include a half-pergola. PMH Perfect My Home is known as the home of the half-pergola, and it is tied into the roofline and can be as big or a small as you wish, with as few as one post or as many as six. They are more functional because they keep you covered from the moment you walk out of your backdoor, and they are stronger and covered under a warranty. They are also much more affordable.

The other choice you may want to go with is a freestanding pergola. They tend to be larger and they cover more area and make a bigger impression in your backyard if you want your pergola to be the focal point of your outdoor living space. You can place more underneath it like patio furniture, an outdoor kitchen, etc. Regardless of which style of pergola you go with, you can have the option of adding decorative brick or rock bases to the posts, and they can be either traditional with slats or a solid top. All come with PMH Perfect My Home’s signature arched corbels.

Now it is time to talk about privacy walls. Privacy walls are great for providing privacy, their number one function, but they also help to block the wind and to keep bugs away. You can add shelves to hold drinks and cell phones or shutters to let in extra light or a breeze. The shutters are both decorative and functional and can be installed as stationary or operational. Privacy walls can be designed with an opening to allow a breeze to come through at the top, or a solid tongue and groove wall to give extra protection against bugs, winds and blowing rain.

Or you can go with a custom lattice wall that can have several different looks to it. All privacy walls are made from one hundred percent western red cedar to match the material of the pergola and can be stained to match or to complement it. There are so many different combinations of pergolas and privacy walls that no two ever look the same when built by the professionals at PMH Perfect My Home.

There are several big things that set them apart from their competition. One of those things is that they offer free in-home estimates to all customers no matter the size of the project. They also have an in-house graphic designer that can create a three-dimensional design of any project so that the customer can see exactly what their project will look like in their backyard. That process begins with the IT Director making a trip to the home to fly a drone over their backyard to take actual photos of the space in before the stage. Call PMH Perfect My Home today to schedule your appointment with the five-star outdoor living space company.