If you could place just one thing under your Pergola Tulsa, what would that one thing be? There are endless possibilities when it comes to protecting things under your patio covering, such as a Pergola Tulsa, or finding things to place underneath it now that you can spend more time outside in your backyard’s outdoor living space staying dry and shaded.

You can choose from many other projects that PMH Perfect My Home has to offer from outdoor fireplaces to fire pits to choosing your own patio furniture. What PMH Perfect My Home recommends for placing under your Pergola Tulsa, is an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are a great way to save money during the hot summer months because you do not have to run your air conditioning more while you are heating up your house. With advances in technology, there is not anything you cannot cook in the outdoor kitchen that you can cook in your indoor kitchen.

You can host a party and invite your family and friends and neighbors over and you will have extra space to entertain them and they can all gather under your Pergola Tulsa and stay cool and dry even if it happens to be hot and rainy. An outdoor kitchen is a big investment, but when it is covered by a Pergola Tulsa, it will stay protected from rain, hail, snow, sleet, and dirt and wind and bird droppings and dead bugs.

Outdoor kitchens can take on any look or design that you wish. It can be small and simple or big and elaborate and fancy. You can include extras like a built-in trash can or a warming drawer (which can double as a towel warmer if you have a pool or a hot tub). Paper towel holders, cutting boards, and many other things to make it as fun and functional and as much like your indoor kitchen as possible. Outdoor kitchens can be built entirely out of brick, or they can be built entirely out of the rock. If you wish, you can also have your outdoor kitchen built out of a combination of both, with a brick with rock kitchen or a rock with brick kitchen, where the aforementioned material making up the most of the outdoor kitchen and the secondary word serving as an accent.

Outdoor kitchens can be L-shaped or straight, or they can be customized to fit a specific space. All PMH Perfect My Home’s outdoor kitchens come with a granite countertop that the customer gets to choose. It is wise to go with a darker granite versus a lighter granite because the lighter granite countertops can sometimes turn yellow after years of being exposed to the sunlight.

Bar tops can be added as well to give you more height space that will not take up any patio space but will allow for more people to gather, and also to place food as it comes off the grill or the griddle or the pizza oven, or for people to sit and have drinks. Have you ever noticed that when you host parties at your house, everyone tends to gather in the kitchen more so than any other room in the house? When you have a second kitchen outside in your backyard, it really expands that living space and gives you more area to entertain.

If the weather is nice, you may have a hard time getting people to leave. If you buy one of Patio Galaxy’s cedar TV cabinets, it will provide entertainment while you entertain! You can have a sporting event playing in the background for people to watch, or music streaming in the background. A pergola will allow you to add speakers and surround sound so that all the outdoor noises will not interfere with the sound of the television and you can enjoy every minute of it. This is especially important if you are hosting an event centered around a particular sporting event or game that is on, like the big football game that is on in January, or the big baseball series that is on in October.

You can also visit Patio Galaxy, which is PMH Perfect My Home’s sister company retail store to purchase all your outdoor kitchen utensils.
Some of those utensils include serve ware, drinkware, dinnerware, chip and dip servers, outdoor dinnerware, tea dispensers, tray servers, beverage tubs, wine glasses, and a host of other products. If you plan on hosting dinner parties in the evening, you can also purchase café lights to place on and around your pergola so that you can have some light to see by and it will also increase the atmosphere in your entire backyard’s outdoor living space.

PMH Perfect My Home has backyard packages that include a Pergola Tulsa and an outdoor kitchen. You can visit the staff and see their work at dozens of different tradeshows every year and that is a great place to learn about all their different packages that they have to offer. Some even include swimming pools. PMH Perfect My Home has been building both pergolas and outdoor kitchens, among many other outdoor living space projects for over fifteen years, and during that time they have become the highest-rated most reviewed outdoor living space company in the state of Oklahoma, and they are already expanding to Texas and they have other states in line to become the next sensation when it comes to outdoor living.