Pergola Tulsa has become very popular over the years for many reasons. Everyone who purchases a pergola from PMH Perfect My Home has one installed for a different reason, and those range from adding a pop of color to your backyard to giving them needed privacy, to providing them with shade so that they will stay cool during the summer heat and dry during the spring rains, to adding a bit of contrast to a large space.

No matter what your reason for purchasing a pergola, you cannot go wrong with the practicality and the functionality and the beauty of the pergola Tulsa. They are an affordable investment. When it comes to buying accessories for your pergola Tulsa, there are endless options. Screens are a great way to add a temporary privacy wall to your pergola Tulsa, they come in retractable styles that can be automatically rolled down with remote control and then rolled back up out of sight when you are not using it. Screens provide shade, they provide shelter from the wind, they keep insects away, and they give you privacy. They come in different shades, just like a tinted car window that can be completely see-through, to very dark, giving you complete but not permanent privacy.

Post bands are great accessories for your pergola Tulsa because they come in a variety of different sizes and styles and they not only keep the normal checking, cracking and opening of your cedar posts from getting any larger, they serve a purpose. They can hold various items such as wine glasses, water bottles, beer cans, cell phones, car keys, etc. They are great to have on your pergola Tulsa in your outdoor living space so that you can have a place to put important items and keep them safe and secure while you are outside.

Café lights are an essential item for your pergola Tulsa. They will light up your backyard in the evening and make your pergola Tulsa look beautiful at the same time. They come in classic clear lights as well as colored lights and they even have newer technology that allows you to use a smart device to turn them off and on or to put them on a timer so that they automatically come on and go off when you want them to, like when the sun goes down and before you go to bed. They have a remote control that lets you change the colors to one solid color or multiple colors. They even have categories that are preset for holidays and special occasions like red and green for Christmas, pink and purple for Valentine’s Day, green for St. Patrick’s Day, red, white and blue for President’s Day, yellow for Easter, red, white and blue for the fourth of July, orange for Halloween, and green for the summer, and ice blue for the winter that remind you of green grass and ice and snow.

Curtains are a great accessory for your pergola because they come in hundreds of different fabrics and styles and designs, so you can really dress up your pergola and decorate it to match your own personal style. Kind of like curtains on the windows of your house or even a shower curtain. They serve a purpose as well. Like a screen, they can be opened and closed when you are using the and then finished with them, and they block the wind, give you privacy, and keep the bugs away. They will help to keep things quiet and more shaded. Unlike a retractable screen, which can be retracted up into a holder mounted onto your pergola and out of sight, curtains will always be visible, even when drawn. They may not last as long either since they will be exposed to the elements. Those are some of the pros and cons of having curtains on your pergola or having a screen.

Heaters can be mounted onto the upper inner beam of your pergola so that they are not obvious when looking at your pergola, but they will provide enough heat to keep you warm so that you can spend time using your pergola during the cold, winter months.
Fans, such as ceiling fans can be mounted to the ceiling of your pergola so that you can stay cool in the hot summer months. The pergola itself will provide you with shade, which will keep you cooler than if you were standing out in the sun, but a fan will provide you with a breeze that will keep you extra cool when the temperatures are at their hottest.
A ceiling lamp will give you as much light as a ceiling lamp inside your home so that you can function under your pergola just like you were inside your home.

Pergolas add a pop of color to your otherwise boring backyard. You can really wow your neighbors when they look over the fence and see your pergola. It will really make an impression in your backyard. Privacy is another thing that makes pergolas so popular. They provide you with an area of privacy even though you are out in the open in your backyard. In a big open backyard, you may seem lost, so it is nice to add a bit of contrast and structure, and a pergola is a perfect way to do that. The number one reason pergolas are so popular is because they provide you with a patio cover. A covering over yourself, your family, your pets, your furniture, your kitchen, your fireplace, your party guests, and so much more.
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