Once a Pergola Tulsa is installed in your backyard, or your front yard if that happens to be the case at your home, you are ready to enjoy its benefits for many years to come. You will want to make sure you maintain it so that it will last for generations of families beyond yours who may end up purchasing your home and using it as well with their families and friends.

The first step in maintaining your pergola Tulsa is to examine it regularly. That means making sure it is structurally sound and it is not leaning, or the checking is not turning into something more that could affect the integrity of the structure. Checking or cracking is normal on a cedar pergola Tulsa, which is the material that PMH Perfect My Home uses to build their award-winning pergolas that have become popular across the entire state of Oklahoma over the last fifteen years that they have been in business. You will also want to check for splinters that could cause issues, and make sure the polycarbonate roofing is holding up and not cracked or split after any major hailstorms. The polycarbonate roofing that PMY Perfect My Home uses on their pergola Tulsa, is made to withstand the largest and most damaging hail, but there are always exceptions and hail that is out of the ordinary from the normal hail.
The fastest and easiest way to keep your pergola Tulsa clean and free of debris is to hose it down with a garden hose. You do not want to use anything more powerful than that, like a power washer, because that can cause damage, especially if your pergola Tulsa is made from western red cedar, like the ones from PMH Perfect My Home.

Cleaning it completely requires a brush or sponge and other cleaners that can be used by hand without being too harsh. Caked on dirt and mud that can get splattered onto it after a heavy storm or bird droppings or bugs need to be cleaned off to keep it looking its best. The longer they remain on the wood the harder it becomes to remove it, so it is best to clean it regularly. Creating a schedule of once a week, up to once a month will keep it looking like new and in tip-top shape. Some things can cause it to disintegrate, but it is made to be outdoors, so it will take a lot and a lot of time for that to occur, but since you have invested a great deal of money into it, you will want to maintain it as best as you can.
You will also want to touch up any damages to your pergola. Whether you accidentally bump it with something and cause a chunk of the wood to come off, or you scratch it deeply or dent it, there is a wood filler that can be purchased and used to repair it. It will not be noticeable, and that is what is great about PMH Perfect My Home’s pergolas. They are made from one hundred percent western red cedar, so they are very forgiving when it comes to touching up damages. From a distance, and in most cases, the repairs will not be noticeable. You will likely be the only person who notices them.

If your pergola has been painted, you will want to make sure you have them put enough coats to cover it completely and to make sure they do not put too many coats, so that it does not chip or flake off over time. You will likely need to repaint or at least touch it up periodically as needed. It may fade over time from being out in the sun, or get chipped or nicked, or just naturally flake. You should talk to the company who installs it to see what kind of paint they used, color and brand so that you can get an exact match.

Stain touch-ups are like paint touch-ups. The stain is more common as a finish on pergolas and will need to be re-stained as it will fade over time. It could take many years to do so, and it is easy to touch up and re-stain, but the sun and wind will fade it over time. PMH Perfect My Home generally recommends re-staining every three to five years on average, but that could be shorter or longer depending on the conditions it is in.

Seal it. Seal your pergola to prevent premature again and wear of it. That is typically done when it is first installed by the builder but will need to be done again in the future.
Repair it when it needs to be repaired, and do not put it off until it gets to the point where it is beyond repair. You may end up having to spend more time and money to fix it if you put it off. Take repairs seriously. You have invested money into it, and you do not want to waste it by having to totally replace it. Trim back vines that may be growing on it. This is important if you built your pergola as a place for flowers to grow and for vines and creepers to live. They look beautiful but could possibly cause damage if left to grow out of control.

Do not let any of the required maintaining keep you from investing in a pergola from PMH Perfect My Home. It is worth it. You will enjoy every minute of your time spent under your pergola, and like a new car, you will want to maintain it and keep it looking as nice and new as the day it went up in your backyard.

PMH Perfect My Home is the highest-rated and most reviewed outdoor living company in Oklahoma, and they will build the highest quality pergola that you will ever find, and the only maintenance will be normal expected maintenance. Nothing out of the ordinary.