There are many reasons why people opt to have a Pergola Tulsa built in their backyard, but the number one reason is to provide them with shade. Most backyards experience times during the day when the sun is very bright and very hot, and it is nearly impossible to spend time outside comfortably. A pergola Tulsa will provide enough shade to give you that comfort that you are longing for in your outdoor living space. A traditional pergola Tulsa, however, will only give you so much shade, there are optional add-ons that will give you even more shade, and some that will give you complete shade. If you purchase your pergola Tulsa from PMH Perfect My Home, it will automatically come with a polycarbonate roof, and they have a retractable screen that you can purchase. They can also put roof shingles on top. Another option would be to have a solid top pergola Tulsa designed and built and installed. The last option that you can do yourself, is to add curtains.

Traditional pergolas that most people think of and imagine when they hear the word pergola, has open slats on the top. That is the traditional look of a pergola that was initially designed and created to place in a garden as a walkway between one are and another and to serve as a decorative structure and a place for plants to grow around. Many outdoor weddings take place underneath pergolas so that there will be a place to cover with flowers, the focal point of the ceremony—aside from the bride and groom, of course! Some indoor event centers even place pergolas in the room to serve the same purpose as the exterior pergolas. Over time, and most recently, pergola Tulsa has become staples in every backyard as a patio covering so that people can spend more time in their backyard’s protected from the rain and shaded from the sun. With the growing popularity of pergolas, changes have been made and additions have become available so that they will be more functional and usable.

One way to get more protection from the sun when choosing the design of your pergola is to go with a solid top. PMH Perfect My Home specializes in a beautiful pine tongue and groove decking that gives total protection against rain, hail, sleet, and snow. Some people think it is too dark and opt not to go for the solid top, but if you want the look and the protection and the most shade, this is the way to go.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, PMH Perfect My Home includes a polycarbonate roof with every pergola they build and install. Customers have the option of choosing a clear plastic or UV tinted plastic. The clear plastic is unnoticeable to the eye and gives the appearance of a classic and traditional pergola and is most often what customers choose to go with on their own pergola. The UV tinted plastic offers more than just shelter from the rain and sleet and snow and hail. It also provides protection against the harmful UV rays from the sun which could cause skin cancer and premature aging of the skin. It pulls double duty. It also provides a bit more shade than the clear plastic, but it is not drastic. Some say it reflects a certain color onto their home and their windows and end up switching to a clear plastic, and others enjoy it very much. The choice is yours to make, depending on your wants and needs.

Screens are excellent but somewhat costly. They are great because they can be retracted and unseen when they are not in use, and like other forms of pergola protection against shade, they do more than just that, they also protect against the wind and a lot of pesky insects so that you can enjoy your time outside without any pests. Yes, the wind can be a pest too, and sometimes more so than the bugs. If you live in Oklahoma, you will understand.

Curtains are a fun option because you can choose a style that fits with the look of your backyard or your home. They can match the cushions on your patio furniture, or they can be a unique design or a favorite color. Curtains must be replaced more often than any other source of shade protection, but they are also the least expensive.

Shingles are also an option and are placed on top of a solid top pergola. Even a solid top could possibly let in the least bit of sun and could cause a hole and a glare, but with shingles, you will avoid all that. PMH Perfect My Home will make sure that they install shingles that match the existing shingles on your home. The great thing about that is it will look like it is part of your home and was built while your home was built.

Privacy walls are gorgeous and offer more shade on the sides than the curtains and the screens. They come with optional add-on shelves, so they become useful as well. You can sit cell phones and glass and cups and remote controls that operate the television inside your cedar TV enclosure, or a book if you enjoy sitting under your pergola and reading. You can also have shutters installed that will provide you with a breeze or extra light while you are getting the maximum amount of shade. Call PMH Perfect My Home today and they will schedule an appointment for a free estimate, and they will send a salesman to your home to discuss all these options with you in even greater detail. PMH Perfect My Home is the highest-rated and most reviewed outdoor living company in the state of Oklahoma.