Once you have made the decision to purchase a Pergola Tulsa, you may wonder how long the process will take for it to be designed, built, and installed. If you purchased your pergola Tulsa from PMH Perfect My Home, you could expect it to be a quick process. Because they have been installing pergola Tulsa for over fifteen years, and over the course of that time they have installed thousands, they can typically get the job done in one day, and depending on the size, sometimes it only takes a couple of hours.
The first step in the process is to call or email PMH Perfect My Home to speak with someone in the office to schedule your appointment for a free estimate. That can be done through the website, through their contact email address, or through several different social media channels.

Once the appointment is scheduled, the office will put it on one of the salesman’s calendars and they will come to your home and look at your backyard and discuss what you are wanting. You may already know that you want a half-pergola tied into the roof or a freestanding pergola Tulsa in the middle of your backyard. Or you may want the professional salesman to give you advice and ideas about what would work best in your backyard. They may discuss your budget, or they may ask what you plan to do with your pergola. That will help them determine what will work best for you.

Once the initial meeting is over, the salesman will go back to their office and draw a sketch of what you are wanting, and then they will work up a quote with everything included line-by-line. The cost of materials, installation, and anything extra that you may want or need to be included. Some people already have a concrete slab in place, aka, their patio, that they want to place the pergola Tulsa on. Some people may want or need to have that concrete expanded and made bigger to accommodate the pergola Tulsa. Some may need a new slab of concrete poured so that they have an initial foundation for the pergola to be placed.

The roof of the pergola is something else to be considered. PMH Perfect My Home includes a polycarbonate plastic roof with every pergola they install, and it comes in the customer’s choice of clear or UV tinted. There is also a solid top roof option which includes the tongue and groove method to keep water from coming through and it looks very nice and provides the maximum amount of shade. A pergola can also have shingles to match your home’s roof. PMH Perfect My Home is an expert in matching roof shingles.
While the salesman will give you recommendations, the choice is ultimately up to you, and what you want and need.
There are pergola accessories that you can add to the initial project order if you know that you are going to want them, like café lights, ceiling fans, heaters that can be mounted to the tops of the beams, post bands that can keep checking in place and can double as a holder for keys, cups or cell phones. There are dozens of add-ons, and your salesman will discuss all of those with you.

Once they have your quote worked up, they will email it to you for you to read over. You can expect to receive a phone call from your salesman to follow up on the quote that was emailed to you, in order to discuss the details and answer any questions and to make any changes. Once you are satisfied with the quote, and you have made your decision to purchase the pergola from PMH Perfect My Home, you will need to make a down payment. Once the down payment has been made, your materials will be ordered, and the office will contact you to get a list of your selections. Those selections will include the type of roof you have already selected. If you have selected the polycarbonate, you will need to let them know if you want clear or UV tinted. If you chose to go with shingles, they will need to get a picture of the shingles that are on your home’s roof so that they can get an exact match. You will need to choose a stain color. If you are adding lights, they will let you know how many boxes of strands you will need in order to cover the entire area. You may want to go ahead and order a few post bands to have on hand for the installers to put on when they build your pergola.

Once your selections have been made, you will be added to the calendar. The office or your salesman or your project manager will contact you to let you know when that start date will be, and when you can expect to have the crew show up at your house to begin working. Once they start, it will not take long to finish. Pergolas go up fast. The length of time it will take will depend upon varying things like the size, the style, and if you need new or additional concrete poured. PMH Perfect My Home has been in business for over fifteen years and they have become the number one pergola builder in the state of Oklahoma. They are the highest-rated and most reviewed outdoor living company in the state. You can read hundreds of reviews and watch hundreds of videos before you make your decision, but you will be glad that you chose PMH Perfect My Home.