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Pergola Tulsa | Installing a Pergola on the Front of Your House

A Pergola Tulsa can be used as a covering for many things, but one of the main reasons to install a pergola Tulsa is to provide shade over a sunny spot where you may want to spend time during the brightest and hottest part of the day. That is why some people choose to have a pergola Tulsa built to cover the front of their house. Whether it is the front porch or the driveway, there are many reasons to create shade on the front of the house instead of the more common backyard. PMH Perfect My Home builds outdoor living spaces, and while that typically refers to the backyard, it can be anywhere outdoors, even the front of the house.

Many people nowadays are building or buying homes with a large front porch where they can sit and relax during the day and in the evenings. They will place furniture on the porch, like a big rocking chair where they can sit and visit with their family or with neighbors who they invite over. Having a pergola Tulsa will allow them to spend more time on their front porch because it will provide shade and it will protect them from rain. If they want to decorate their front porch with plants, they could get burned up by the sun very easily, so having a pergola Tulsa will provide enough shade to keep them alive, but since they will be outside, they will still receive plenty of light to survive.

The most common place to have a pergola Tulsa built and installed is over the back patio. Whether it is a half-pergola tied into the roof or a freestanding pergola Tulsa, the back patio is an ideal place to put a pergola. It will provide shade from the sun and protection from the rain, and you will have the privacy of people driving by instead of having it on the front porch on the front side of the house. You can cover your grill to keep it from wearing out too fast when it is exposed to the elements.

Placing a pergola next to your swimming pool is always a wise idea because it will provide you with an area to stay shaded and dry and from getting too sunburned when you are not swimming in the pool. You can place lounge chairs underneath it or a table to sit and eat. If you are hosting a lot of pool parties now that you have a swimming pool, it is important to have a pergola where you can host your guests and give them a place to sit and relax even if they choose not to use the swimming pool. Elderly people may want to seek some shade when they are visiting and this way, they can still enjoy the outdoors and they do not have to stay inside the whole time.

Placing a pergola over an outdoor kitchen is a great way to protect your investment and to keep it from getting damaged by hail or rusting out from the rain or fading from the sun. While outdoor kitchens are made to be placed outside, it is always wise to add an extra layer of protection to keep it lasting for many years.

Placing a pergola over a hot tub always adds a bit more privacy than if it is standing out on its own. It also keeps it cleaner because it will catch everything and anything that falls on top of it. From rain and snow and sleet and hail to bird droppings to bugs to fall leaves. There are many things that could collect inside your hot tub that would take a lot of time and effort to clean out when a pergola would keep it from ever happening in the first place. PMH Perfect My Home always places a polycarbonate roof on top of every pergola that they build, so if you are worried that a traditional classic slatted roof will keep your hot tub from being protected, simply call PMH Perfect My Home and they will take care of you. Another bonus is that it will keep you from getting too sunburned if you spend hours in your hot tub.
If you plan to sit outside on patio furniture, you might want to consider investing in a pergola. Just like with anything else that you want to protect against the elements, you are the most important of those.

If you invest in an outdoor fireplace you will want to use it as much and as often as possible, not only to get your money’s worth out of it but because you want to! That is why you got it in the first place, right? Adding a pergola will only add to the number of days and the hours that you are able to safely and comfortably sit outside and enjoy your outdoor fireplace. It also adds to the atmosphere of your outdoor living space, by adding a darker, covered spot to sit.

If you want more than just a flat patio, why not build a deck? You can do everything with a deck that you can do with a patio, but it is raised up higher and looks nicer. A pergola looks great covering a deck and will protect it from the elements.

PMH Perfect My Home is the leading designer, builder, and installer of pergolas in the state of Oklahoma. They have been in business for over fifteen years and they are the highest-rated and most reviewed outdoor living space company in the state of Oklahoma. They give free estimates and can advise you on the design of your own personal, custom pergola, whether it is going to be placed in the front of your house or the back, they can make it happen!