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Pergola Tulsa | Placing a Polycarbonate Roof on Top of Your Pergola

When you purchase a Pergola Tulsa from PMH Perfect My Home, you will automatically receive a polycarbonate roof to place on top of it.
The polycarbonate roofs are available in a clear plastic, which is virtually unnoticeable to the eye but serves its purpose of sheltering you from the rain, snow, sleet or hail, and even falling leaves during the autumn and winter seasons. Plus, the occasional bird dropping. They are also available in an ultraviolet coated plastic that has a grey tint to it. That grey tint blocks the sun’s harmful rays to protect your skin from aging and cancer, and it also provides extra shade when you have a slatted pergola Tulsa.

The polycarbonate roofs are made to fit your pergola Tulsa no matter what style you choose. If it is a half-pergola or a freestanding pergola Tulsa, it will work just fine. The plastic itself is considered bulletproof which means it can withstand large hailstorms without getting damaged and causing leaks.

Polycarbonate material is very tough and strong. Despite its strength, it is very easy to work with when it comes to shaping it. Polycarbonate is also very durable, making the roof of your pergola Tulsa very durable as well. It is a high impact with low scratch resistance.
Besides pergola Tulsa roofs, polycarbonate can be found in eyewear and automobiles.

Polycarbonate can hold up under very high temperatures, like the sun’s hot rays, so you do not have to worry about it cracking or melting under the heat. It is so clear that you can see better through it than you can see through glass. Of course, this only applies to the transparent and not the ultraviolet coated polycarbonate. It is not easy to crack or break polycarbonate, even if you are trying to do so. Making it the plastic of choice when it comes to placing it on the top of your pergola.

You may not even realize that you see and use polycarbonate every day in products you use around your home and office, such as those plastic water jugs that are delivered to your office. Construction companies like PMH Perfect My Home is the second-largest consumer of polycarbonate. Fun Fact: CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs are all made from polycarbonate. Automotive and aircraft industries also use a lot of polycarbonates. Safety goggles are another product that you have probably seen or possibly used before that are made from the same plastic.
Portions of cell phones are made using polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate was discovered in the late eighteen hundred. This popular plastic was once a brownish color, but it is now completely clear.
Studies have shown that polycarbonate may be hazardous to your health if food is stored in the plastic containers, which makes you wonder about the water bottles that contain large amounts of water and sit inside the backs of large trucks for hours and sometimes even days.

Since we are just talking about placing it on top of a pergola, then you do not have to worry about it being harmful to your health, but it is interesting to know about what your roof is made from and what else it is used in and for. Once you have your pergola installed, it is time to start thinking about what you can place underneath it. Besides patio furniture, PMH Perfect My Home can build other outdoor living space projects to place under your pergola.

An outdoor fireplace is one of the most sought-after items to place under a pergola. They can be built in brick, rock, or combination of both, and they can be as big or as small as you wish and as simple or as elaborate. You can add cedar privacy walls to your pergola as well. Privacy walls not only provide privacy, but they also block the wind and keep certain bugs away. There are several different styles of privacy walls to choose from such as solid or lattice; and you can even have shutters installed in them that either move and open or are just there for looks.

PMH Perfect My Home has a sister company retail store that offers a handcrafted cedar TV cabinet that is made from the same materials as your pergola, and those look great underneath a pergola. You can hang them from a beam or mount them on a privacy wall or over an outdoor fireplace mantel. An outdoor kitchen is ideal for placing underneath your pergola. The patio covering will keep your kitchen clean and dry from the weather while allowing you to use it no matter the outside conditions.

Fire Pits are another nice thing to place under a pergola because they are fun to sit around and even cook with and they provide a nice spot to gather with family and friends. Pergolas are an excellent thing to have next to your swimming pool so that when you get out of the swimming pool, you can sit under the covering to stay shaded and dry and cool in the summer heat.

Pergolas are typically the first step in an ever-growing outdoor living space project. Once the pergola is up, there are endless possibilities when it comes to what else you can do in your backyard, whether the plan is to place something under or around or next to it. Remember, call PMH Perfect My Home, the highest-rated most reviewed outdoor living space company in Oklahoma where they always include a polycarbonate roof with every pergola project, and they even give you the choice of clear plastic or a UV tinted plastic.