If you are debating as to whether to get a pergola Tulsa, there are a lot of things to consider, but you will not regret the decision to have PMH Perfect My Home design, build and install your pergola Tulsa in your backyard’s outdoor living space.
If you are deciding between a pergola Tulsa and an arbor, you will want to choose a pergola Tulsa because it is more functional than an arbor. A pergola Tulsa has many uses and an arbor is more specific. An arbor is used mainly as an entrance to a walkway and a form for flowers and vines to grow on. A pergola Tulsa is used as a patio covering and provides more protection than an arbor.

A pergola can still be used in the exact same way as an arbor, but for so much more, making it more practical and worth the money you will invest to have one installed in your backyard. There is more flexibility with the size and structure and design than that of an arbor, which has more restrictions.

If you have a swimming pool, you may be considering a pergola to provide shade and a covering for your lounge chairs or patio furniture, or maybe an outdoor kitchen if you are creating an outdoor living space where you will be entertaining or spending a lot of time. They all go hand-in-hand and work well together to create an ideal space for you and your family and your guests that you will be entertaining, whether those are your neighbors, or your extended family or your friends and your coworkers.

Buying a pergola should never be regret because you will always benefit from adding value to your home, and that is exactly what a pergola will do. What you invest in your backyard’s outdoor living space, you will get back when you decide to sell your house. And always keep in mind that pergolas are one of the most affordable additions and upgrades that you can make to your home. If you think about another add-on, like a swimming pool or an outdoor kitchen, you will be surprised at how much less a pergola costs and how much more use you will get out of it. A pergola can be used and enjoyed year-round versus a swimming pool, which has seasonal use.
Like comparing a pergola to an arbor, you can do the same with a pergola versus a gazebo. Gazebos tend to sit in a lone spot away from your home and have a very specific look to them, whereas a pergola typically is either attached to your roofline or is built adjacent to your home, directly over your patio. This is not to say that a pergola cannot be built away from your home, but since they are designed as patio coverings, it is not the norm, but also not unheard of. PMH Perfect My Home is a custom builder of outdoor living space projects and can customize your pergola to look exactly how you want it to look and place it in the spot that works for you and is where you desire it to be.

A pergolas primary function is to provide people with shade, and they do the job. They provide a tremendous amount of shade, and there are options and upgrades that will make your pergola so that it gives you more shade. A solid top instead of the typical slatted roof and a UV tinted polycarbonate roof will give more shade than the slats that you typically see or a clear polycarbonate plastic roof that is more common. Even with the traditional look and most purchased materials, you will get plenty of shade.

You will find that standing in the middle of your backyard during the hottest part of the day when the sun is shining and beating down on you, versus standing underneath your pergola at the exact same time will be a big difference. Sometimes a twenty degree or more change in the temperature. A pergola is made as a patio covering and it is designed to protect what is underneath it. That could be people, pets, kids, patio furniture, an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor fireplace, or any number of things.

You cannot go wrong with a pergola, and once you have one installed, you will wonder what you ever did without it and how you survived without one. Pergolas are also made for décor and design to spruce up and change the look of your backyard, and it will do the trick. It will add dimension and a whole new look to your backyard. It will make your home look larger, and more unique while serving a function.

Call PMH Perfect My Home today and they will send one of their expert talented salesman to your home to survey your space and give you a free estimate. They will work up a quote and send it to you within twenty-four hours of your appointment. PMH Perfect My Home is the highest-rated and most reviewed outdoor living space company in the state of Oklahoma, and they service the entire state and some of the surrounding regional states as well.

They offer drone flights for a price that take before photos of your house that they can use to make a three-dimensional design of your project so that you can see what it will look like before it is installed and it will give you the opportunity to make changes before it is installed. You can view hundreds of thousands of photos of previously designed projects that PMH Perfect My Home has built that you can use as inspiration. Those are on their website and on their social media pages.