Anytime you add a pergola Tulsa to your backyard, you will be making a big upgrade not only to your backyard, but to your outdoor living space, and your entire home. Upgrading your home means adding value to your home and that increases the selling price so you will make more money when you decide to sell it.

A pergola Tulsa can be installed for its beauty or for its functionality; and there is no reason why it cannot be built for both! There are dozens of ways to upgrade your backyard, and installing a pergola Tulsa is just one way, but it is one of the best ways because of how useful it is while also making a big impression and changing the look of your backyard.
Adding a deck is always a nice way to improve the look and the usefulness of your backyard. A deck can be built out of many kinds of materials and can be painted or stained in various colors to match your home. A pergola Tulsa can even be placed on top of your deck for added shade while sitting on it. That would be a double project that would update your backyard quite a bit.

When most homes are built, a patio is included, but the size of the patio can vary greatly. You may want to consider having your patio expanded by a little or a lot, depending on what you plan to use it for. Once your patio is poured or your existing patio is extended, you can place a pergola Tulsa on top and add something under it, like furniture or an outdoor kitchen. Depending on the time you plan to spend outside, combined with your budget, you can do a little or a lot with the new space you have available, and the bigger your patio, the bigger the upgrade to your backyard.

You would be surprised at how much an outdoor rug can change the overall look of your backyard, and how much of an upgrade it will make to your outdoor living space. If you place a rug on your patio or your deck, you will want to cover it with a pergola Tulsa so that it will stay protected. That is one of the many uses of a pergola Tulsa. To provide protection, shade, and for the look of it.

A stone pathway can add décor to your backyard, and it can also provide the homeowners with a walkway in which to avoid wet grass, muddy holes, etc. There are many different styles of stone to choose from to match your home or your own personal style.

Benches and seating provide guests with a place to sit when you entertain. You do not want to invite a lot of family, friends, and neighbors over to your home and then welcome them into your backyard for a garden party if you do not have a place for them to sit and relax and visit and eat and drink. These can be permanent structures or moveable pieces, depending on what you want and need.

Fountains are beautiful and a big upgrade to your outdoor living spaces. You can find hundreds of designs to fit your wants and needs and your style. You can’t beat a swimming pool when it comes to upgrading your backyard. Besides the expense to put one in, and what you will get back when you sell your home, there are the fun memories attached to it that you will have for a lifetime from the family time and the pool parties.

Lighting is a great way to upgrade your backyard and your outdoor living space. Whether the light comes from café lights strung around your pergola, or a ceiling light attached to the ceiling of your pergola, or lighting attached to your home. There is also lighting that can be placed along the fence line or elsewhere in and around your yard.

Fences are great ways to upgrade your backyard so that you will have privacy and can contain pets and keep kids safe. Fences can range in price depending on the materials used but tend to be pricey even if you go with the most inexpensive materials. Murals are a fun way to creatively upgrade your backyard. Murals can be painted on anything from a fence to the bottom of a pool or on the concrete that surrounds your pool or even on a propane tank that could be an eyesore.

Gardens are great and can be made up of plants or vegetables. Gardens take a lot of work and must be maintained daily for them to stay alive and provide. Furniture is always great because it gives you a place to sit and relax in your backyard while also decorating it. Fire Pits are fun and can be used to stay warm and to cook over. You can sit around a fire pit and visit with family and friends and neighbors and you can make hot dogs for dinner and smores for dessert.

Hammocks are great, but you must have existing trees or have a couple of trees planted in order to hang and use one. No matter how you get one in place, it will be an upgrade, because everyone loves a hammock! Backyard Theatres are becoming popular for kids and adults. When the weather is nice, why not move everyone outside to watch a movie instead of staying cooped up indoors. It is fun for parties and for playing slideshows during special occasions.

Outdoor Kitchens are great for a multitude of reasons. You will get your return when you sell your house because of the savings involved in having an outdoor kitchen, as well as the already built-in entertainment feature. You do not have to run the ac as much in the summertime when you are using your outdoor kitchen to cook dinner. Portable bars are fun if you are going to be doing a lot of entertaining because they can be moved in and out of your backyard.

Playgrounds are great for your kids so that they can play outside during the day.
Lawn Games are fun for people of all ages and there are tons to choose from at different skill levels. Flowers are the number one way to upgrade your backyard and to make it more beautiful, and there are endless options to choose from.