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Here at PMH OKC, we definitely believe customer service, and we want you to leave as a satisfied customer. That is why we offer transparent pricing as well as a three year warranty on all of our roof tidings. That is not the kind of warranty that you can find with any other company. We want to provide you with the best service associated with any installation of pergolas. Our pergolas are great for anyone looking to upgrade have we been experience. Maybe you are looking at hosting events, for installing a hot tub, or just making your backyard look more friendly and hospitable. We can assure you that our pergolas are the perfect fit for however you are looking to upgrade your home.

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Our pergolas are cut with decorative scrolls on the end of every single one of our boards, so you will truly be getting a unique looking product with our pergolas. So if you’re looking for an incredibly unique product for your outdoor living then definitely reach out to us and we would love to get to know how we can make the best pergola for you. We definitely care about every single detail of our pergolas, and we do not take any shortcuts in providing you our best product.

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