Founded in 2005 by Randy Antrikin Jr. PMH OKC has grown to be one of the biggest outdoor living companies in Oklahoma. With over 14 years of experience and many customer testimonials PMH OKC is backed by many satisfied customers giving the company better lead over competitors. Backed by the Better Business Bureau and the Health, Patio and Barbecue Association you can be certain that you are receiving the best quality Pergolas OKC out there.

Since 2005 Randy and his team have developed a track record best known for its success and quality, with many reviews and five star ratings Randy and his team have provided Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas with the best quality and outdoor living. What sets PMH OKC apart from competitors is the attention to detail. All of PMH OKC’s pergolas are cut with decorative scrolls in the end of each board, along with custom fabricated arched corbels and a variety of warranties for each one. PMH OKC takes her time with every project especially the outdoor kitchens. Each outdoor kitchen is custom and very detail oriented, with endless possibilities of outdoor kitchens and customizations PMH OKC puts a great amount of detail and everyone. PMH OKC keeps a portfolio of almost every project they’ve done to provide new customers with a good understanding and background of the quality they will be receiving. At PMH OKC we offer a 3-D design to help customers visualize exactly what the fireplace will look like in their backyard, allowing customers to feel as though they are helping.

PMH OKC does far more than just kitchens, fireplaces and canopies, in the world of outdoor living PMH OKC goes above and beyond. Randy and his team have designed and built custom patios, pools along with fencing and retaining walls. With so many services to offer PMH OKC can have your backyard looking brand-new with Pergolas OKC.

PMH OKC has a fully stocked showroom allowing customers to come in to feel and see giving the customer a better understanding of what exactly they’re getting. PMH OKC also the several tradeshows throughout the year, creating a true and real backyard feel giving you a genuine understanding of what our services look like. Tradeshows and showrooms allow customers to come and see the great quality and craftsmanship we have to offer.

Unlike most companies, PMH OKC offers fully transparent pricing. With competitive pricing and great service you’re guaranteed to get the most bang for your buck. Not only are you getting the best deal out there but they also have a great financing plan to offer making it affordable for anyone to have the backyard of their dreams. PMH OKC is best known for putting people first, transparent pricing, fast turnaround times, a positive attitude and innovative ideas with great results. The cleanliness, speed and quality of PMH OKC’s work is what truly sets them apart from anyone else. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the hundreds of reviews and five star ratings from previous satisfied customers.

PMH OKC’s unique for several reasons one of which being pergolas OKC and that it is a family ran business that has grown to be one of the biggest outdoor living companies in Oklahoma. Since 2005 PMH OKC has been committed to providing the best quality service possible and in return receiving excellent feedback and many five-star reviews. What makes PMH OKC so unique is the quality they put in every job, allowing them to stand out against the competition. When you’re looking for outdoor living or backyard renovations PMH OKC is who you call. Everything they do is customized to you treating you like family along the way. PMH OKC is partnered with the Better Business Bureau and is recognized as an accredited business, along with HPBA, Angie’s list and many more. High quality work that is done quick and right along with major attention to detail is what sets PMH OKC apart from everyone else and mix them so unique. PMH has a portfolio of several jobs they have completed for anyone interested in a custom fireplaces, half pergola, freestanding pergolas, pavilions, fire pits, TV cabinets, decks, privacy walls, liner pools, flagstone patios, fence and posts, paver patios and even retaining walls. With such a large portfolio new customers have the option to look at past work completed by PMH OKC to give them a better understanding of the quality and craftsmanship to offer.

If you’re looking for the pergolas OKC, PMH OKC offers a wide range of custom pergolas. All pergolas made by PMH OKC are fabricated with custom arched corbels, cut with decorative scrolls in the end of the boards, along with several warranties and decorative black post hardware on the bottom that secure the pergola.

PMH OKC is a family ran business which means you don’t have to deal with all the stress of working with big companies, allowing the customer to receive a true, honest service. Randy and his team live right in the Oklahoma City area, so they strive to give their friendly neighbors the best possible service they can. One thing that really sets PMH OKC apart from the competition give you the skills and resources you need to know before making a big decision. Team of PMH OKC will give you all the resources all the knowledge needed to keep up with proper maintenance making your dream backyard last a lifetime. PMH OKC isn’t in the business just for the money, they will go over the pros and cons of their products and services to help you narrow down your decision allowing you to be certain that you made the right purchase. PMH OKC specializes in pergolas OKC so you know you’re receiving top-of-the-line service.

To give you a better understanding of why we’re so unique visit our website at PMHOKC.com and check out some of our portfolios and services or give us a call today at 405-881-7640. Here to help you make the right decision in outdoor living.