Now that you are in the process of having your swimming pool designed and installed by the team at
PMH Perfect My Home, it is time to purchase your Pool Maintenance Supplies in OKC from Patio Galaxy. In
the meantime, you may want to consider adding decorative concrete around your pool to enhance the
overall look of it. There are several types of decorative concrete, the first being the most popular and goes by that name. Decorate Concrete Overlays. This is placed over existing concrete and can improve the appearance of what is currently in place.

Stamped concrete is the most versatile because you can choose from a variety of different designs to
appeal to what you are wanting. Both the shape and the design come into factor when you are deciding
what you want your stamped concrete to look like and the same place that sells the pool maintenance
supplies OKC has examples of what they have to offer. Brick shaped rectangles that are gray in color
with a brushed exposed worn look are very popular and clay-colored tones are often seen in outdoor
living spaces. Brown is a common color and honeycomb is a popular shape when it comes to color and

Squares, smooth and jagged shapes come to mind when considering the patterns for your stamped
concrete. Most colors are neutral and natural, and they look amazing next to blue water in a swimming
pool. They also look great against the green grass. Geometric shapes are becoming popular and can look
very modern. Multicolor in tabby cat shades of grey, black, brown, and white look nice in certain
settings and can be a focal point and a conversation starter when company comes over and when you
are hosting and entertaining guests or having a pool party.

Stained concrete is typically recognizable by its shiny finish. Like stamped concrete, it typically comes in neutral shades but can be stained in a variety of colors as well. It is smooth in the look but so shiny it almost looks wet, and one downfall is that it can also be quite slippery. When it is located around a
swimming pool it can become almost dangerous when wet.

Colored concrete is exactly how it sounds. It is colorful concrete that can be any color you want it to be.
It can be quite bold but beautiful, and it must be placed in the right spot to work well with the look of
the home or outdoor living space or backyard or swimming pool with our Pool Maintenance Supplies in OKC.

Polished concrete is similar to the look of stained but it is smoother in the look whereas stained
concrete has some natural lines and designs from nature. When you visit Patio Galaxy in Bethany, Oklahoma along historic Route 66, to shop for all your Pool Maintenance Supplies in OKC, you can visit the PMH Perfect My Home showroom and see all of their samples of the decorative concrete that they can place around your pool.
You may even decide you want to invest in one of their other projects like a pergola, or a pavilion, or an
outdoor fireplace, or a cedar TV cabinet, or a privacy wall, or cedar shutters or an outdoor kitchen, or a
fire pit, or semicircle benches, or composite decking, or a fence or some railing, or a retaining wall,
which is popular and often times necessary around a swimming pool to keep debris from running off into
your swimming pool, which could cause it to get dirty.

Aside from the Pool Maintenance Supplies in OKC, you can also buy other supplies and accessories at Patio
A galaxy like barbecue sauces, rubs, and dust. Pergola accessories like café lights and post bands. Lump
coal and fireplace inserts are available as well.

When you visit Patio Galaxy, the Pool Maintenance Supplies in OKC, you will find other things besides
stained concrete samples. You will find barbecue supplies and outdoor living space accessories.
They are the sister company retail store to PMH Perfect My Home and they share an eighteen thousand
square foot showroom that is full of examples of the projects that they do such as pergolas, pavilions,
outdoor fireplaces, cedar TV cabinets, privacy walls, cedar shutters, outdoor kitchens, swimming pools,
fire pits, semicircle benches, composite decks, fences and railing, patio concrete, retaining walls, pavers
and flagstone, customer designs, and packages that include a combination of several of these.

PMH Perfect My Home and Patio Galaxy, the Pool Maintenance Supplies in OKC, have been in business together for over fifteen years and they are the highest-rated and most reviewed outdoor living space company in the state of Oklahoma as well as expanding its franchise into Texas, Kansas, and Arkansas. Patio Galaxy sells the following popular brands: Big Green Egg, Blaze outdoor products, Lynx, Kamado Joe, Twin Eagles, Delsol Delta, Delta Heat, Suckle Busters, Bull Grills, Primo Grills and Smokers, Lion Premium Grills, Coyote Outdoor Living, AOG American Outdoor Grill, FireMagic, Green Mountain Grills Wood Fired Pellet Grills, Mont Alpi Peak Performance, Ooni Pizza Ovens, Mr. Bar-B-Q, Bad Byron’s, Kanyon, Kosmos, Traeger, Whiskey Bent BBQ, Smokin Brothers, and many more.

They also have a tasting bar where you can sample all the different sauces, rubs, and dusts and try them
before you buy them. PMH Perfect My Home gives free estimates on swimming pools and all other projects no matter how big or how small they are. They offer a one-hundred-dollar Patio Galaxy with the purchase of any project. Call today to schedule your appointment for your outdoor living space oasis so that you can enjoy a
staycation at home.