There is a growing trend in Tulsa outdoor living spaces; and pergolas are one of the most popular ways to enhance your own outside dream space; as they are growing in popularity as quickly as the living space itself. They mimic trees by providing shade, giving you a nice, walkway or a natural area to relax by yourself or with a group of family or friends; but you have to remember that pergolas don’t offer protection from weather—be it the hot sun or pouring rain—but they can definitely add to the experience!

There are many benefits to putting a pergola in your backyard. It will extend your living space outside, giving you the best of both worlds, and define a specific area of your outdoor living space. Research has also shown that adding a pergola to your backyard can also add value to your home! However, it’s extremely important to hire professionals, like the team at PMHOKC, who have almost fifteen years of experience and a five-star rating, because if your pergola is poorly constructed, it can actually decrease the value of your home. The number one reason people choose to purchase a pergola, is for their looks!

PMHOKC offers custom pergolas in a variety of sizes that come in both a free-standing style and a half- pergola style. Depending on your available space, and your own personal taste, either option is a fantastic choice when it comes to designing your Tulsa outdoor living space!
Half-pergolas are more functional and more affordable for Tulsa outdoor living spaces, and free- standing pergolas make a big impression in your overall outdoor living space. Both are available from PMHOKC in eight different stain colors. At PMHOKC, all pergolas are stained before they are brought to the customer’s home and installed so that they don’t have to contend with the spray. Pergolas are a very good way to add definition to your backyard.
Many people choose to put pergolas in their backyards as a decorative focal point where ivy, vines and flowers can be supported while they grow. Pergolas make a great display for all different types of climbing flowers like Honeysuckle and Wisteria, and hanging flower baskets; but the great thing about a pergola, especially the custom pergolas from PMHOKC, is that they look just as amazing on their own as they do covered with colorful flowers and greenery—what some refer to as a “garden in the air”. Popular local attractions like the Philbrook Gardens in downtown Tulsa have inspired more people to choose pergolas for their own Tulsa outdoor living spaces.

Occasionally someone will want a pergola simply for the way it looks—as an extension of their home, while others prefer both the look and functionality, so they choose to place a canopy over the top for added protection of their Tulsa outdoor living space.
Adding string lights around the top of your pergola is a nice added touch that makes it a very striking structure that stands out even more in the evenings, whether you are sitting or standing underneath it, or admiring it from afar.

Pergolas make great overhead covers for hot tubs, or for entertaining purposes—who wouldn’t love to mingle with friends under a pergola during a party?
While pergolas have been around for centuries, they have started growing immensely in popularity over the past few years. Pergolas are a great investment for all Tulsa outdoor living spaces; and they can greatly increase the overall value of your home; and they don’t typically require a building permit.

Pergola’s are an easy and affordable way to spruce up the look of not only your backyard, but your entire home. Even a custom designed and installed pergola from PMHOKC can be affordable. The sales team works with each person to design a half or free-standing pergola that fits within their budget so that they can have a pergola as part of their outdoor dream living space, to provide shade, shelter, privacy and a structure for flowers to grow.
A pergola creates visual appeal to your home, and you can even customize your custom pergola by hanging fabrics that give your pergola a more private and romantic look and feel. It also changes the look and provides more protection from the elements than an open pergola, and the draperies can easily be tied back or removed.

Pergolas also make great overhead covers for patio furniture. While the tables and chairs won’t be completely protected from the weather, pergolas help to encompass the overall look of the outdoor living space. Another one of PMHOKC’s specialties is placing custom fireplaces, fire pits, and television boxes under pergolas to create an entire experience in one big project that can be full customized with stained wood, painted brick and a stone sidewalk leading up to it from the side of the house or the back door, if the pergola is adjacent to the home instead of attached or right up against it. The options for a pergola are endless, and there is definitely something for everyone who wants to add the popular structure to their home and get top Tulsa Outdoor Living Spaces.

One of the best things about a pergola is that they are very low maintenance and easy to take care of year after year. If you’re in the market for a pergola, five-star rated PMHOKC is the place to call to have one installed! Besides the pergola itself, you will get the full experience of working with one of the most technologically advanced construction companies in the state with Tulsa Outdoor Living Spaces.

You will receive visits from the team, professional three-dimensional designs of the project to approve before the construction even begins, constant communication from the project manager who is overseeing the project, and a beautiful finished project that you will be proud of for many, many years. Let PMHOKC provide you with the perfect pergola! You will enjoy the many benefits, at an affordable price, and when you are finally ready to move, it will appeal to perspective buyers!