Here if you see a Pergola throughout the city of Tulsa and some HR or anywhere else in Oklahoma city, there may be a good chance it was built by PMHOKC. Here PMHOKC we are the highest and most reviewed outdoor living space company in the state of Oklahoma, and we had been providing high-quality bills all over Oklahoma’s city since 2015 and we have recently expanded in the Tulsa as well. So if you see a beautiful Tulsa Pergola, there may be a chance that we provide of that, and this company was started in 2005 by Randy Antrikin specifically because he saw a need that needed to be filled here in Oklahoma. His own frustrations before having with finding a great contractor that can provide not only high-quality results in their outside and outdoor living spaces, but also in a reliable contractor the provide great customer service.

So in 2005, he decided to make his own company and started a company that can provide you with the perfect Tulsa Pergola if you want it, they can also do any kind of other outdoor living space you wanted into with better customer service anybody else ever thought possible. That is how PMHOKC started. It stands for “perfect my home”. So now PMHOKC can also be referred to as PMH Tulsa because we now also have a Tulsa branch in which we can serve the Tulsa area providing you with any type of outdoor living space that you’d want and not just a Pergola.

Now we do all manner of outside and outdoor spaces and build-outs that also include patios and pavilions come outdoor kitchens, TV cabinets, privacy retaining wall to come out our fireplaces and fire pits. Whatever you want, we can build make it happen, and we can provide you with incredibly beautiful design and well-constructed spaces as well as providing you with great impeccable design that super functional.

So to get that perfect Tulsa Pergola, make she give us call, not only can you get these great services in your backyard anywhere in Oklahoma City or Tulsa, but you can also go to our website at any time at PMHOKC.com and you can find that we now are also extending our services with an online web store which you can find all the price you need for your outdoor living spaces to help around them out with things like barbecue grills, kitchen equipment, TV cabinets, and pergola kits etc.

That’s why this company was started can we saw need for a company that can do better for people in these outdoor spaces in Oklahoma. So now if you want our help all you do is give us call (405)881-7640 or you go directly to our website anytime at PMHOKC.com for more information and be sure to look at through our photo galleries as well.

Tulsa Pergola | 15 Years Of Service In Oklahoma

If you’ve had a perfect Tulsa Pergola on your mind for years, and you want to make sure that you’re getting the best when it comes the construction the customer service whenever you hire a contractor the come talk to us here at PMHOKC. Here PMHOKC, not only are company we PMH comedy, but we are now also PMH Tulsa as we now also have a Tulsa branch that can serve the people Tulsa as a result of the growing demand of our services across the state. We started out, 15 years ago 2005 we started out with a humble beginning in Bethany, Oklahoma serving the people of Oklahoma City some of the best outdoor spaces that ever seen because we saw a need that needed to be filled in the area for a better contractor, better service, and a better result.

Now 15 years later, we have done so well for the Oklahoma City Metro area to build open up a branch and Tulsa and now we can serve the people the Tulsa Metro area as well. Over the years we have expanded our repertoire, and in that of just providing you with an ideal Tulsa Pergola, we can also provide you with a patio of the million, and outdoor kitchen, TV cabinets or cabinets, privacy your retaining wall, our fireplaces and fire pits or whatever you in your backyard, essentially.

Over the years we’ve also learned that sticking to our belief in serving others, and putting people first, we are able to achieve incredible customer service and great results and we focus on transparency, speed, positivity, innovation and results. And in addition to making sure that we bring these fantastic customer service skills do you in person in your backyard, we now offer you an online retail store for your convenience to order products where you are that would include things like kitchen equipment, barbecue grills, pergola kits and more to make sure that you can spruce up your outdoor spaces a matter where you are.

Also the years we learned value to our company, and one of the ways in which we do that is providing you financing in-house. We can help you finance it’s our preferred lenders whenever you come to see us here directly, and on top of that we also give you a $100 gift card to patio galaxy whenever you complete a project with us.

If you have an interest and what we can do for you and they can have for the experience we been able to make sure you get the best most amazing Tulsa Pergola out there today then give us call at (405)881-7640 or you go directly to our website whenever you like at PMHOKC.com to find out more information for yourself.