The only thing missing from this couple’s outdoor living space that PMH custom designed and built in the spacious yard of their gorgeous home is a TV cabinet cedar.

This couple, after meeting one of our salesmen at a trade show, asked us for a quote on building a new deck in their backyard. They accepted the estimate and received the deck of their dreams—minus a TV cabinet cedar, which would make a spectacular addition.

The expansive, all cedar deck is attached to the back of their house, so you step out onto it when exiting the back door, but before you even walk out the back door, the deck is clearly visible from the living room which as a wall of all glass windows overlooking their entire back yard.
They were thrilled that PMH was able to save the original bridge that came off the previous deck and tie it in with the new deck. That was one of their favorite parts of the project. They also liked the look of the border that was placed around the edge of the deck, which I later found out was to fix a mistake because the boards were cut too short, so they made up for it by adding the decorative border. I am not sure if the customers were aware of that or not, but they love the result.

Adjacent to the large deck is an existing pool, hot tub, and pergola with a forest of trees as the backdrop. Trails going this way and that, and a stream of water where their dogs was running around jumping and playing and having the time of his life. I am not sure who gets more enjoyment out of their amazing backyard. Them, or their little dog!

They love to entertain and throw parties, which was evident by the portable bar sitting on the deck and the sliding glass window that opens to an indoor bar! They PMH salesman tried to talk them into a handrail to avoid any mishaps when people have a little too much to drink, but they were satisfied with the open bench seating all the way around the deck.

They had patio furniture arranged throughout the deck like a lounge, where friends and family could sit and mingle and enjoy the view while enjoying a cocktail. A TV cabinet cedar would certainly add some entertainment to their space, and it could be stained to match and coordinate with their deck when they get to that point. They were advised to wait until the fall to add the stain. That might be a good time to talk them into adding a much-needed TV cabinet cedar to their outdoor living space.

They have a lot of unique and colorful yard art throughout their backyard and on their deck that really pops against the cedar.

Along with the bridge tie-in, and the border around the edge, they also loved the skirting around the bottom of the deck. I’m not sure there was anything that they did not love about it!

While I was taking photos, two landscapers were there who had just finished planting two trees in the center of the deck where PMH had placed cut outs for. They look great, and really incorporates the deck into the rest of the backyard, which is full of trees.
After I finished taking all the photos of their cedar deck project, the husband agreed to do the thirty- second video review. When I explained the process, the man jokingly said, “I am an attorney, I am used to being the one who asks the questions!” He gave a great review about how much he loves his deck.
After the interview, he invited back inside where his wife was writing a check for the final payment. They said that they were supposed to be in Malibu, California that week visiting their son who lives there with his family, and then off to another part of California to visit their daughter and her family. They said that their son is a film director who has worked on dozens of well-known feature films. They started naming them off and I had heard of every single one of them. That is another reason why they need a TV cabinet cedar, so that they can watch their son’s movies while they are sitting outside on their deck.
They were a very nice couple and I really enjoyed visiting with them and getting to know them.

If you are interested in having a new deck custom designed and installed at your home, or if you would like a TV cabinet cedar, just call PMH and they will put you on the schedule and they will send a salesman to your home to give you a free estimate.

PMH also offers 3D designs so that you can see exactly what your project is going to look like before it is installed in your backyard.

PMH is the highest rated and most reviewed outdoor living space company in the state of Oklahoma, with office in both the Oklahoma City metro area and in Tulsa, but they service the entire sooner state from the wide open panhandle to the swamps of the southeast.

No project is too big or too small or too customized for PMH to take on. From decks to swimming pools to pergolas and pavilions, they do it all.