Most of the customers that we design, build and install outdoor living spaces and TV Enclosure OKC are people who work full time. The projects are reasonably and competitively priced, but they are still expensive, so a lot of our customers have very important, demanding jobs. That can sometimes become an issue when I am trying to schedule a time to take photographs of their finished projects because they have a difficult time getting away from the office.

That was the case with a local maternal-fetal medicine fertility physician who we designed, built, and installed an outdoor living space for. So, I offered to take his finished project photos on a Saturday. When I arrived at his home, which was almost an hour from my house, the temperatures had dropped like they tend to do in January in Oklahoma—and the wind speeds had picked up, so it was cold, and I did not have a coat on. When the customer answered the door, he immediately offered me a jacket. I thought that was such a nice and generous thing to do, but I declined and told him that the photos would not take long, and I would be fine.

He had a very nice home with a very nice, expansive view that seemed to go for miles from his back patio’s outdoor living space. We had installed an outdoor fireplace with a TV Enclosure OKC and privacy walls on either side. I liked the fact that he chose contrasting stain colors for his privacy walls and his TV Enclosure OKC. Something I had not seen very often when photographing finished projects. Customers almost always choose the same color of stain so that everything coordinates and matches.

He had a very modern-looking outdoor fireplace with a blue flame that he turned on, but it was not very visible in the broad daylight. It had colored glass rocks that almost resembled a fish aquarium. It was also a nice contrast between the modern look of the outdoor fireplace and the more rustic look of the cedar TV Enclosure OKC.

While I was taking the photos—knowing about his profession—I mentioned to him that one of my best friends had just found out that she was expecting for the first time, and she would be turning thirty-five during her pregnancy, and that she was considered high-risk because of her age. He knew the exact terminology for her condition, and when he said it, I remembered her saying that same thing to me when she found out she was pregnant. He seemed to enjoy talking about what he does for a living. It must be very rewarding to do what he does.

After I took all the photographs, I asked him if he would do the thirty-second video review. He was more than happy to do it. I gave him the questions to review, and he surprised me and threw me off guard when he started talking and he had memorized all the questions and answered every single one of them perfectly without me even having to ask him any of them! He did a great job and said some great things about the project, the TV Enclosure OKC, and the company.

I got into my car to leave, and when I got about halfway out of his housing addition, and I was stopped at a stop sign, I picked up my phone to put the address of my next destination into my phone’s GPS app, and when I unlocked my phone, it opened to my phone’s camera’s photo roll. There it was….a photo of the customer. Not a video, but a photo! I had hit the photo button instead of the video button and I did not get the video review recorded! I felt sick! Video reviews are not always that easy to get, and he was spot on! I debated for about five seconds, and I decided to call him back and explain exactly what had happened. He was so nice and understanding. I drove back, and when he greeted me at his front door, he was holding a jacket for me to wear! Such a nice guy!

He asked me if he could review the questions one more time because he said that he had saved them to his short-term memory and not his long-term memory (very interesting, I thought). He stood in front of his TV Enclosure OKC, and he then gave an even better review the second time around! That is a mistake that I made once and have never made again! I double and triple check every time now to make sure that I am recording a video and not just taking a photo!

The positive that came out of this was that I did end up getting a great still shot of him standing in front of his finished project, so I used it to create a social media post to direct people to our YouTube channel to watch our customer’s video reviews.