Learn the Pros & Cons of each to determine which one is better for you and your family.

I get asked all the time, should I go with a fireplace or a fire pit? It’s a great question. It’s different for everyone. I usually continue by asking them about their family, the age of the kids, what they like to do outside, and then quiz them on what they would do with each one if they had both. As an experienced professional in this industry, there are many differences, and I plan on breaking them down for you today.

1. Cost!
Price is the biggest difference due to size and the amount of labor involved in building it. Typical cost for an outdoor fireplace range from $5000-$10,000. Fire pits vary depending on if it’s wood-burning or natural gas, but typically start at around $1000 and can go up to $4000.

2. Functionality
Fireplaces require less room but only allow for two or three people in front of it to warm their hands. Fire pits, on the other hand, you are able to sit around them and entertain up to a dozen guests and be the same distance from the fire. With large parties or gatherings, multiple people around a fire pit with a stick with a marshmallow on it makes for a much more functional option.

3. Maintenance
Both are usually built with masonry materials or outdoor rated materials so there is not much difference.

4. Size
Fire pits are small and great for having next to a pool. Some are even movable. Fireplaces are very large. Most codes require them to be at least 10 foot tall so they are great for blocking wind or using for privacy on your patio.

When deciding what is right for you and your family, keep in mind your current and future plans for your patio.
Ask yourself, how many people do we normally entertain, do we need privacy on our patio, budget, are you adding a pool or a play set in the near future, etc. These are all good questions and will help guide your decision and what is best for your family.