One great way to beat the heat in the summer is to install a Pergola. Here are the top four perks of having a Pergola in your backyard:

1. Lessen sun exposure

With Oklahoma latitude comes high temperatures and UV index. The lattice top to a Pergola is perfect for areas of your yard where you still want plenty of airflow but just less sun exposure. A naked Pergola would have no covering over the top – which would not do as much for you for shade. However, many people will cover the top of a Pergola with poly-carbonate (a translucent hard material that cuts your sun exposure down to 60% of what it would be normally). You can also have a solid top pergola built (which is just a little bit more expensive) but would provide complete shade underneath.

The various reasons that you may be interested in decreasing sun exposure include but are not limited to:

Health: According to the CDC, by seeking shade during times when the sun’s UV rays are the most intense, one can reduce the risk of skin damage and skin cancer. The sun can also have a harmful effect on a person’s eyes. (Centers For Disease Control & Prevention, 2019.)

Kids: The same health effects that the sun has on you – also affects your kids.

Comfort: Most people say they are most comfortable at temperatures between 60- 80 Fº. A Pergola on average will reduce the temperature underneath it by 5 degrees. While a pergola may not bring your temperature into this range during mid-July in Oklahoma, it can bring it a little bit closer to this comfort zone.

Pets: Pets can suffer from the same harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays that humans do. Many pets may have to spend most of their day outside and thus the need for shade is important.

2. Increase the value of your property

A Pergola can totally transform the appearance of your home. Many times homeowners will focus on just the curbside appeal of their home when reselling, but the back and sides of the home are just as important. The Return On Investment (ROI) on homes in warmer climates can be significant.

Adding a basic Pergola to your backyard can increase the value of your home. There are features that you can add to your Pergola to make it even more valuable:

Decorative footings

A privacy wall

Protective screen

Stone footings

Pergola cover

3. Beautification

A Pergola can be positioned on your patio or in your backyard to provide a focal point in your yard. Vining greenery can be grown to vine up the Pergola posts or potted plants positioned near the posts for a purposeful arrangement.

Cedar Pergolas compliment brick homes very nicely. Contrasting materials and colors for both interior and exterior home elements has been on trend over the past couple years (but people have been using cedar shingles in combination with brick homes to create a very nice visual contrast for a long time.) Wood also brings a nice, natural look to the exterior of your home.

Pergolas can be built over a walkway or garden and really anyplace in your yard. It is wise to consult with your construction company and landscaping company on what is right for you.

4. Create a space for entertaining

A Pergola can make a space feel protected and give a sense of privacy without having a privacy wall or fence installed. The area underneath a Pergola on your patio is a great place to put your seating if you are having a dinner party or grilling for your friends. Most guests will not want to sit directly in the sun.

A Pergola also provides a structure to decorate. Decorating a pergola for a special event like a birthday party or wedding shower can make the space feel extra special. Some ways that you may want to decorate a Pergola for ambiance are:



Wall hangings


Lawn Ornaments

If your Pergola is situated on your patio you may be able to think of this space as an extension of y our interior living space. Keep in mind that your furniture and decorative additions should be weather safe as a Pergola does not protect against rain and wind.

Pergola building and installation is what we do at PMHOKC. It usually takes us anywhere from a week to three weeks after we schedule your project to complete the building process. We can build you one anytime of the year (the only exception is in extreme cold or rain). The main thing to think about is when you need your Pergola. We would love to come out and see your space in person so we can figure out what the right option for you and your family would be.

Do you live the OKC metro or Tulsa area? Call PMH at 405-881-7640 to schedule your free estimate!

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